Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya is Ksh 1,999

Blue light blocking computer glasses Kenya

Blue-light Computer and smartphones blocking glasses have good filters in their lenses that block protect eyes and absorb blue dangerous light, and in some cases ultra violet light, from getting through the eyes. This means that if you use these kind of glasses when looking at a say computer screen, especially after dark or at low light, they can help one reduce exposure to blue light waves that can destroy your eyes or keep you awake. read more on Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Anti glare spectacles in Kenya

There are many Eyeglasses that claim to protect or filter out dangerous blue light from computers screens, TV’s screens, smartphones and tablets screens are becoming increasingly popular. Some ads for these blue light glasses claim overexposure to blue light can cause a number of eye problems. The problems supposedly linked to blue light range from soar dry eyes to digital bad eye strain, irregular sleep or sleep disruption and even slow macular degeneration, which causes other people to lose some or all of their central eye sight. However, there is no known or proved scientific evidence that these kind or amount of blue light coming from smartphones or computer screens is damaging to the eyes.

On the contrary there is more evidence that some kinds of blue light exposure can cause eye damage under certain conditions. For example, too much exposure to UV light from the sun does raise the risks of slow eye diseases, including vision loss, growths on the eye and other instances cancer.

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Long time staring at computer or some digital screens may cause eye strain, and decreased eye blinking associated with computer screen use can cause dry eyes. But some argue that these effects are caused by how an individual use their screens, not relate to anything coming from their computer screens.

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Do you know you can protect your eyes from strain if you work with computers without using Glasses Block Blue Light Anti-Glare Protection Lens Eyeglass but on limited basis and mostly difficult to manage

  • Sitting about 25 inches (arm’s length) from the computer screen. Position the screen so you are gazing slightly downward.
  • Reduce screen glare by using a matte screen filter if needed.
  • Take regular breaks using the “20-20-20” rule: every 20 minutes, shift your eyes to look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.
  • When your eyes feel dry, use artificial tears to refresh them.
  • Adjust your room lighting and try increasing the contrast on your screen to reduce eye strain.
  • If you wear contact lenses, give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses.

below is Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Many eye symptoms caused by computer use are only temporary and will lessen after you stop using the computer but it’s also advisable to use antiglare glasses for extra protection.

For some individuals its highly recommends that one get a baseline eyes exam by the age of forty or more. Getting regular eye comprehensive exams from an ophthalmologist is critical to diagnosing any possible eye disease or defects or problems in its early stages.

The following are the advantages of anti-radiation Computer glasses.

1. Anti-radiation blue glasses adopt extra advanced vacuum ion plating technology and can block the electromagnetic radiation, therefore have no side effects to eyes.

2. The lens contains anti-radiation materials which means it could absorb low-frequency microwave and eliminate the potential symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue and dryness.

3. Anti-radiation glasses have the functions of penetration and absorption, which vary according to the different lights. And the wearer would have a fresh and natural vision.

4. As to computer workers as well as those who love watching TV and playing video games, anti-radiation glasses can prevent the eyes from harmful rays.

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

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