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Best Phones Under 20k

Best Phones Under 20k in Kenya

Best Phones Under 20k When you are short of cash and you want a quality but low budget phone you need to consider a lot in terms of features and your purchasing power. Cheap smartphones sometimes come with their shortcomings, but there are good smartphones available under Kshs. 20k in Kenya. Best Phones Under Kshs. […]

Best phones under 10k

Best phones under 10k

Are you low on budget and looking for a good phone? Look no further as you are at the right place to find the phone you want and you can afford. Available include but not limited to Tecno, Infinix, huawei and more top brands We will provide you with a comprehensive list for quality phones […]

Lipia polepole Lipa mdogo mdogo and Lipa Later

Lipia polepole Lipa mdogo mdogo and Lipa Later

ACQUIRE ELECTRONICS FROM PATABAY VIA LIPA MDOGO MDOGO, LIPA POLEPOLE AND LIPA LATER SERVICES You can Lipia pole pole for any electronics including but not limited to the following; Lipia pole pole laptops, computers Lipia pole pole PS4, PS5 Lipia pole pole Phones Lipia Pole pole fridges Lipia pole pole cookers Lipia pole pole Washing […]

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya

Antiglare blue light blocking glasses price in kenya

Anti glare Computer glasses price in Kenya is Ksh 1,999 Blue light blocking computer glasses Kenya Blue-light Computer and smartphones blocking glasses have good filters in their lenses that block protect eyes and absorb blue dangerous light, and in some cases ultra violet light, from getting through the eyes. This means that if you use […]

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