Office Appliances

You can also shop with us for office appliances such as printers, photocopy machines, and scanners. Simply check them out on the website for specifications and prices for these office appliances. We also offer them a warrant of at least one year. If you looking for any office appliance then Patabay Kenya is your place.

Factors to consider before buying a laptop

  1. Screen quality
  2. CPU
  3. Keyboard quality
  4. RAM
  5. Storage
  6. USB type
  7. Size of the laptop
  8. Battery life

Advantages of laptops

  • Mobility- Laptops are easy to carry around to places.
  • Offline operation- Laptops can be used both online and offline.
  • Finished products- Laptops come in handy because the have an inbuilt mouse, keyboard, microphone, mouse and some high end laptops have cameras.

Disadvantages of laptops

  • Frequent upgrade- Laptops often need upgrades to update the windows.
  • Durability- The high portability causes laptops to wear and tear more often.
  • Higher prices- They are costly compared to pc’s.
  • Health issues- Prolonged use can cause eye problems.