Fridges in Kenya

Fridges in Kenya are available here on discount best prices in town and its pay on delivery country wide.

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Which fridge brand is right for your needs?

Store and Keep your food fresher and cold for longer with a brand new fridge from Patabay Kenya.

With an extensive variety of top brands including Hotpoint, Ramtons, Mika, Samsung, Bruhm, Armco, Solstar, Haier, Hisense and so many more, we have something for everyone depending on your budget.

What is the right fridge for your household?

With a selection of wine fridges, bar fridges, side by side fridges, top mount fridges, bottom mount fridges, and more, you’ll have variety to choose from.

What color or finish is right for you?

With a variety of different finishes including matte black, stainless steel, white, and more, your fridge can complement your other kitchen appliances.

If you want to match the modern with the retro, a Smeg retro fridge can bring a decisive vintage style into your home.

Fridges price in Kenya

Fridges price in Kenya starts from Ksh 12,000 and you can get quality fridges from Patabay on discount and its Pay on delivery countrywide. why pay more!!!

Best fridges in Kenya

The best fridges in Kenya are LG fridges in Kenya, Samsung Fridges in Kenya, Ramtons fridges in Kenya, Hotpoint fridges in Kenya and many more depending on your taste

Energy Efficiency Fridges in Kenya

Energy Efficiency Fridges in Kenya are available here and on offer. Look for the fridge’s Energy Star rating – the more stars, the more energy-efficient the appliance.

The larger the fridge, the more power it will need.

Top freezer model fridges tend to be the most energy-efficient.

Look for a fridge with Eco or Holiday mode to efficiently save power when the fridge isn’t being used every day.

Fridges that use R600a refrigerant (which contains no CFCs or HFCs) are better for the environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of fridges available in Kenya

  1. Top Mount Fridges In Kenya


  • Cheapest fridge option
  • Available in many sizes
  • Makes it easy to access frozen food
  • Easiest style to fit into small spaces


  • Limited freezer space
  • Fridge section on bottom, more bending down
  • Max capacity (approx.) 520L
  1. Bottom Mount Fridges in Kenya


  • Available in many sizes
  • Fridge section on top, less bending down
  • Easiest style to fit into small spaces


  • Limited freezer space
  • Max capacity (approx.) 520L
  1. Side by Side fridges in Kenya


  • Huge capacity (around 550 to 800 litres)
  • Easy to access both frozen & fresh food
  • Large freezer section good for bulk buys


  • Small width doors
  • Limited width in fridge section
  • Dimensions might not fit smaller kitchens

 Important Things to Know Before Buying a New Fridge

The most used and appreciated appliance in the home is the fridge. It is almost impossible to function without one and, as it will be used for years to come, the challenge is to find a refrigerator that suits your changing lifestyle.

 Kitchen Space, Budget and Fridge size

How much room do you have?

With a tape measure, find the width, depth and height of the space where the fridge will be placed. Remember to leave 25 mm of free space around the top, back and sides to allow for the heat produced during refrigeration to escape.

Be sure to also measure clearance (entryways, doorways etc.) to ensure that when your fridge is delivered it will fit safely into the home, and your old fridge can be safely removed.

Hinges and reversible doors

You also need to take into account which way your fridge door will open as cabinetry and walls can stop the doors from properly opening.

– For left hinged fridges, the hinges are on the left-hand side of the door when facing the unit, with the door opening from the right-hand side.

– For right hinged fridges, the hinges are on the right-hand side of the door when facing the unit, with the door opening from the left-hand side.

Some fridges come with reversible doors meaning that the door can be hinged on either the right or the left, whichever suits your space best. Some models will require a special hinge-reversing kit so be sure to check the specifications. Reversible doors are particularly handy in kitchens with limited space.

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