Samsung Galaxy A04s: Your Everyday Ally

Samsung Galaxy A04s! It’s your favorite pair of jeans – classic, reliable, and always there for you. Slim and stylish: This phone feels comfy, thanks to its sleek design and lightweight build. It’s not too bulky, so you can slip it in your pocket and go without feeling weighed down. The glass front and plastic back also give it a modern, polished look.

See the world differently: The A04s packs a punch on the screen. It’s big and bright, with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate that makes scrolling and gaming feel oh-so-satisfying. Whether catching up on TikTok or watching your favorite show, you’ll get lost in the vibrant colors and sharp details. Power that keeps up: Don’t let the budget price fool you – this phone has the brains to handle whatever you throw at it. Multitasking, gaming, even browsing the web – it does it all smoothly and without lag. It runs on the latest Android 12 software, so you’ll always have the newest features.

Samsung Galaxy A04s

Samsung Galaxy A04s 1 1 call 0711477775 or 0711114001
  •  Color: Black
  • Brand: MARCY
  • Pattern:  Solid

Product Review

The Samsung Galaxy A04s emerges as a compelling smartphone, boasting a thoughtful combination of features that cater to diverse user needs. With a generous 4GB RAM and ample 64GB internal storage, this device ensures smooth multitasking and ample space for apps, photos, and media.
Equipped with a robust 5000mAh battery, the Galaxy A04s promises extended usage, ideal for users on the go. Its main camera setup, featuring a high-resolution 50 MP lens alongside 2 MP and 2 MP lenses, delivers versatile photography options. The 5 MP front camera ensures crisp and clear selfies.

Samsung Galaxy A04s 1 call 0711477775 or 0711114001

The device sports a 6.5-inch display, providing an immersive visual experience, and is powered by the efficient Exynos 850 processor, ensuring optimal performance. Supporting dual SIM functionality and connectivity across 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, the Galaxy A04s offers flexibility in communication.
Available in sleek Black, vibrant Green, and sophisticated Copper, users can choose a color that suits their style. Running on the latest Android 12 OS, the Samsung Galaxy A04s combines reliability, performance, and a stylish design to meet the demands of budget-conscious consumers.


  • Ample Storage: With 64GB internal storage, the Samsung Galaxy A04s provides sufficient space for apps, photos, and media.
  • High-Resolution Main Camera: The 50 MP main camera and 2 MP + 2 MP lenses offer a versatile and high-quality photography experience.
  • Long-lasting Battery: The impressive 5000mAh battery ensures extended usage, making it suitable for users with high-demand activities.
  • Large Display: The 6.5-inch display provides an immersive visual experience, ideal for multimedia consumption and gaming.
  • Efficient Processor: Powered by the Exynos 850 processor, the Galaxy A04s delivers smooth performance and responsive multitasking.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Supporting dual SIM functionality and connectivity across 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, the device offers flexibility in communication.


  • Moderate RAM: While 4GB RAM is decent, it may provide a different level of performance than smartphones with higher RAM capacities in resource-intensive tasks.
  • Limited Front Camera Resolution: The 5 MP front camera might not match the resolution capabilities of some competing smartphones, impacting the quality of selfies.
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internal Storage: 64GB
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Main Camera: 50 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP
  • Front Camera: 5 MP
  • Display: 6.5 inch
  • Processor: Exynos 850
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Colors: Black, Green, Copper
  • OS: Android 12

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The Samsung Galaxy A04s comes with 4GB of RAM.

The Galaxy A04s offers 64GB of internal storage for your apps, photos, and files.

The device has a robust 5000mAh battery for extended usage.

The Galaxy A04s features a 6.5-inch display for an immersive visual experience.

The device is powered by the Exynos 850 processor for efficient performance.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A04s supports dual SIM functionality.

In conclusion, the Samsung A04s is a commendable budget smartphone, combining an appealing design, vibrant display, and reliable performance. Its sleek build, featuring a water-drop display and side-mounted fingerprint sensor, adds a touch of modernity to its practicality. The 6.5-inch PLS LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate provides an immersive viewing experience, while the octa-core processor ensures smooth multitasking and responsive operation.
The camera setup, comprising a 5 MP front lens and a versatile triple rear setup, captures quality photos and videos with notable features like panorama and HDR.
With affordability at its core, the Galaxy A04s is a value-for-money choice, catering to users seeking a reliable and capable device without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for everyday tasks, multimedia enjoyment, or casual photography, the Samsung Galaxy A04s