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Skyworth Tv shop

Skyworth Tv dealer in Nairobi, Kenya

Get here the bestselling and top trending Skyworth Televisions TVs in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya, For the best of Skyworth products Visit our Skyworth shop in Nairobi or shop online and have your product delivered to a pick-up location near you anywhere in Kenya. We strive to ensure you get the best prices and product quality from the best available Skyworth or Other major TVs brand supplier in Nairobi, Kenya. Expect More Pay Less at Patabay

Skyworth Televisions in Kenya      

Skyworth is a relatively new company based in China that specializes in the creation and development of high tech home appliances and display devices. Skyworth is best known for its quality and sharpness of images.

Types Skyworth Tvs in Kenya
  • Digital Skyworth Tvs– are the television sets with an inbuilt decoder that allows users to view only free to air channels in Kenya.
  • Smart Skyworth Tvs– they have ultra HD Streaming Video that allows users to stream online via YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon among others. Apart from this, users can connect to the internet and install various applications and have inbuilt social media apps like Facebook.
  • Smart Skyworth Android Tvs– This type allow users to access Google Play Store and download favorite android applications.

Skyworth has the following unique features:

Crystal Clear Display- Get ready to enjoy premium viewing experience at the comfort of your home‎. Skyworth is created with an amazing slim design‎, which give it a slim and stunning look‎.‎It has no frames or borders but its look just entices you to watch television.‎

Theatre Sound Feel- Most of Skyworth television sets come with 2.1 speaker system and Dolby Technology that can produce great depth sounds. This gives the user a cinema sound feel making your home a centre of entertainment.‎

Stream Media- This Skyworth TV has a powerful stream media that easily reads audio and video files from your USB and HDMI compatible devices or PC‎.‎ You can browse your fascinating photos while enjoying music simultaneously‎.‎ With the numerous options available to you‎,‎ all you have to do is sit back and enjoy this TV as you like.‎

Connectivity- Skyworth smart TVs have 3D options, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth capabilities and ability to connect to a laptop, desktop and other external devices.

Screen SizeSkyworth offers television sets in all screen sizes you can ever get in the market. Depending on whether the tv set is for home or commercial use, one can select from small, medium and large display screens. If you want a complete theatre feel at home then you can go for a bigger screen size with a complete surround sound system.

Advantages of Skyworth Tvs

  • They are fair priced
  • Their Tvs have Warranties
  • Skyworth Centre is available in Kenya where clients can present their complaints
  • Skyworth tvs are easily available in the Kenyan Market
  • They come in different types and sizes


Skyworth Television Prices in Kenya

Skyworth is a brand that has penetrated easily in the Kenyan Market because their products are budget friendly, gorgeous features and amazing designs. If you are looking into purchasing a new television set or even upgrade on your viewing experience, then you are undoubtedly in the best online platform. You can actually place an order in the comfort of your home. We assist our clients in the best possible way in making a decision on which set to buy according to their needs.

Hisense Television for sale in Kenya

To get the best prices for Skyworth television sets, visit our online shop at Patabay Kenya. We offer delivery services to our clients in all parts of the country. To add on this, our operations are on a 24-hour basis. We look forward to serving you.