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LG TVS Televisions in Kenya     


LG TVS televisions have very high-resolution picture quality with infinite detail. They have a sleek, clean styling design that makes your tv a centre of attention of the living room.  LGs are made with high-tech and innovative features that allow them to deliver excellent detail and contrast. These include the following;

 Internet Connectivity- LG tvs they have 3D options, internet connection, Bluetooth and other external devices such as HDMI, laptop, desktop to mention but a few. This the most basic feature that distinguishes Smart TVs from digital.

Play store- This makes it possible for the user to download or update existing apps in order to keep up with new technology.

Stream media- This feature allows reading of audio and video files from your USB and HDMI compatible devices or PC‎.‎ You can showcase your photos and videos to friends with ease. In addition, the stream media allows users to use You Tube, Netflix, and Amazon for video streaming.

Fast Interface- LG tvs are very quick and allows the user to swiftly switch within contents, enhancing great user experience.

Game Apps and Recommendation engine-This makes it possible to play digital games at the comfort of your house and get recommendations for what to watch.

Types LG TVs in Kenya
LG have Smart, Digital, 3D and 4K TVs in Kenya.  This makes the users have a variety to choose from according to their needs and pocket size.

Advantages of Skyworth TVs

  • LG tvs have an outstanding audio system
  • energy efficient as they require less energy to run
  • They are fair priced
  • Their Tvs have Warranties
  • Skyworth Centre is available in Kenya where clients can present their complaints
  • Skyworth tvs are easily available in the Kenyan Market
  • They come in different types and sizes



LG Television Prices in Kenya

Over the years, LG TVs have become popular in the Kenyan market. The quality of their OLED and LED display, high resolution and power saving ability makes them the most preferred. LG TVs are among the bestselling in Kenya with reasonably fair prices. If you are looking into purchasing a new television set or even upgrade on your viewing experience, Patabay Kenya is undoubtedly in the best online platform to make an order from. You can actually place an order in the comfort of your home. We assist our clients in the best possible way in making a decision on which set to buy according to their needs. We also offer delivery services to all our clients throughout the country within 3-24 hours.

 LG Televisions for sale in Kenya

To get the best prices for LG television sets, visit our online shop at Patabay Kenya. We offer customer service and delivery services to our clients in all parts of the country. To add on this, our operations are on a 24-hour basis. We look forward to serving you.

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