Solstar Fridges in Kenya

Solstar fridges in kenya is a leading home appliance and consumer electronic brand whose origin in Singapore. The company operates globally and offers the best quality products to its clients at affordable prices.

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They believe in ‘Value for Money Products’ as they produce their products catering to the mass markets globally. The company has sold millions of sets of Solstar products and, as such, has continued to become the most preferred brand by many. The company also ensures that they provide the best services to their clients as they take their feedback seriously, which helps them to understand clients’ needs, which in return enables the engineering team to strategize and advance new products with the highest quality and reliability. In Kenya, Solstar company works with its local partners, where they have a service center to improve service delivery to customers.

Benefits of Solstar Fridge in Kenya

  1. Solstar fridge delights your sense with nature fresh: the fridge offers its users enough space to store juicy fruits, succulent salads, and vivid vegetables to look fresh and taste their best.
  2. Solstar fridges have a faster cooling for stored door items: at the front of the fridge, air vents are installed that regulates the temperature to ensure that the food remains fresh.
  3. Solstar fridges have a linear cooling: this ensures that the appearance and taste of fresh products are upheld longer by reducing temperature oscillations.
  4. Solstar fridges are fitted with fan filters: the system purifies the air and ensures that only fresh air circulates in the fridge, which brings forth a pleasant fridge aroma.
  5. Inverter linear compressor: Solstar fridges are fitted with a linear compressor that is less noisy. This results in higher reliability and durability as well as saves on energy.
  6. Solstar fridges are also fitted with a slim indoor ice maker, which allows the users to have enough space to create enough storage.

Solstar Fridge Prices in Kenya

In Kenya, Solstar fridges come with different sizes, which is the primary factor in determining their prices. However, this durable and reliable refrigerators brand is very affordable in terms of purchasing, maintenance, and power usage. Most hypermarkets, supermarkets, and trusted dealers such as Patabay Kenya sell Solstar fridges in Kenya at very pocket-friendly prices. One can also easily acquire the fridge online by making a call or placing an order from Patabay online shop and giving us 24 hours to deliver it from any part of Kenya. You do not have to worry about shipping.

Solstar Fridge for sale in Kenya

In need of replacing, upgrading, or getting a new fridge? Look no more as Patabay online shop ensures the bring on board the best quality, durable, reliable, and pocket friendly products. Please place your order by calling us or visiting Patabay online shop where you can easily place your order and wait for us to deliver the item at your doorstep. Payments cans as well are made after delivery.

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