Bosch Fridges in Kenya

Whenever you think of fresh vegetables and fruits with optimal preservation of vitamins and nutrients, Bosch undoubtedly clicks onto your mind. Borsch freezers and fridges are made are made using Vita Fresh technology that makes food items stored therein fresh up to four times longer.

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This technology is environment friendly since it ensures minimal waste due to spoilage. Bosch refrigerators are well fitted with flexible interiors with innovative stay fresh systems that enhances ‘straight from the field’ appearance on vegetables. This makes this collection of fridges and freezers very convenient both for home and commercial use. Their convenience is not only for this generation but for the future generations as well. In addition, Bosch has other outstanding features that include:

Style and design

Bosch fridges are fitted with a transparent multi-box. This provides ample space for storage of food items and makes them visible from outside making removal less tedious. This fridge also has glass shelves that can be slid underneath creating more space for bowls and bottles. This super fridge is also fitted with LED light that illuminates the entire appliance throughout its life.

Durable and user friendly

Bosch fridges in Kenya are the most durable and user-friendly home appliances in Kenya because of their long life. They have been reviewed to perform for several years without having any technical challenges.

Energy Efficient

Bosch fridges in Kenya have a super cooling function that circulates cold air maintaining cold temperature in the fridge thus saving on energy This also help to store food cold and fresh. This function automatically switches back after six hours.

Perfect storage climate

Bosch fridges in Kenya employ use of separate airflow cooling systems for the fridge and the freezer to prevent the mixing of smells from different types of foods stored. This is as a result of optimum storage conditions.

Protection against power surges.

Bosch fridges have an inbuilt power stabilizer to protect the fridge in the event of power fluctuations.

Bosch Fridges Best Price in Kenya

The Kenyan market has very few fridge brands that can match the efficiency and convenience of Bosch appliances. Therefore, Patabay online shop encourages clients to make informed decisions while planning to buy/replace their fridge appliances by considering purchasing a Bosch brand which offers one-year warranty and has a five-star rating. Bosch fridges are very effective and their prices in Kenya are clearly informed by their quality, reliability, low power consumption and long life. Their five-star rating is a clear indicator that they consume less power as compared to others. Buy from our reliable source with top notch customer service including doorstep delivery.

Bosch Fridge Supermarket Prices in Kenya

Patabay is an authorized dealer that sells their products online. If you want a Bosch fridge in Kenya, Patabay is the best trusted online shop that you can buy from. We give a genuine warranties and technical support just in case your fridge needs technical attention.

Bosch Fridge for Sale in Nairobi

Bosch fridges and freezers are available on Patabay online shop. You can shop from the comfort of your home and the product will be delivered to you. Enjoy husstle-free shopping experience without having to worry about transportation.

Bosch Fridge for Sale in Kenya

Kenyans believe that top notch products have very high prices but the truth of the matter is that Bosch fridges and freezers are more pocket friendly. Considering the quality of the product, and its service, it’s a commodity worth spending on.

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