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From: KSh34,500
From: KSh36,500
From: KSh48,000
From: KSh49,500
From: KSh71,000
From: KSh78,000
From: KSh89,500
From: KSh89,500
From: KSh91,499
From: KSh104,000
From: KSh112,000
From: KSh117,000
From: KSh125,999

Apple iPhones in Kenya.

Apple iPhones in Kenya are available at the best market price in Kenya only at Patabay. its Pay on delivery countrywide.

Apple iPhone Smartphones are largely quality smart Smartphones, but the company has started introducing a couple of high-end Smartphones into the Kenyan market.

You can now buy original Apple iPhone Smartphones in Nairobi, Kenya from Patabay Kenya mobile phone shop.

iPhones Performance.

iPhones being the best smartphones in the world, they have to deliver. iPhones hardware combined with Apple’s Operating system, iOS (iPhone Operating System), make iPhones one of the best performing smartphones in the world. 


The good thing about iPhones is that you can use it for years with it not degrading. iPhones are made from the best hardware you can find. These make iPhones last for years without rapid degradation.

People still have the first generation iPhones which are still operating. The other good thing about iPhones is that you get every iOS upgrade (other smartphone brands only offer 2 years upgrade of the Operating System.

Apple iPhones in Kenya

iphone prices in Kenya starts at Ksh 15,999 and they are available on discount at Patabay Kenya. Get the phone you love and on discount.

iPhone price list in Kenya

iPhone 7KSH 34,500
iPhone 7 plusKSH 36,500
iPhone 8 PlusKSH 48,000
iPhone SEKSH 49,500
iPhone 11KSH 71,000
iPhone 12 miniKSH 78,000
iPhone 12 KSH 89,500
iPhone 11 proKSH 89,500
iPhone 13 miniKSH 91,499
iPhone 11 pro maxKSH 104,000

Advantages of an iPhone

  • User friendly
  • Apple pay for mobile payment
  • One can update iOS at any given time
  • iPhones work well with macs
  • iPhones have extreme security
  • Offers a wide selection of communication

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