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From: KSh34,500
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Refurbished iPhones Price in Kenya

Refurbished iPhone prices in Kenya start at Ksh 4,500 and its pay on delivery countrywide.

IPhone 4s 16GB Ksh 4,999

IPhone 5 16GB Ksh 10,999

IPhone 6 16GB Ksh 17,500

IPhone 6s 64GB-Ksh 22,500

IPhone 6s 128GB- Ksh 26,500

IPhone 6s Plus 128GB Ksh 35,500

IPhone 7 128GB Ksh 36,500

IPhone 7 Plus 128GB Ksh 45,500

IPhone 8 Plus 256GB Ksh 58,999

With many brand new smartphones out of the reach of gadget lovers, often the desire of replacing their current smartphone with the latest one is challenging, as the regular replacement and upgrading require a lot of money in these bad economic times. Well, one of the best ways to deal with this circumstance is to buy a refurbished iPhone which is as good as new and with the latest features you will find in any smartphone.

Why refurbished iPhones in Kenya are good to buy

A refurbished phone is not like a normal second-hand phone, it’s more than that and you will get more value for your money. It may have been returned by a customer for having a small fault that the manufacturer has then repaired and sold it on as a refurbished.

Likewise the customer may have sold it back, so they can upgrade. Or if you’re really lucky to have bought one, they may simply have changed their minds and returned it unused which happens sometimes, in which case you’ll essentially have a brand new phone but for less.

But before refurbished iPhones are sold, they will undergo a process of testing, diagnostics, and ensure it is up to a certain the required standard. Then they will be sold to you with majority coming with all the accessories and looking as good as new.

Advantages of refurbished iPhones for sale in Kenya

  • You’re getting a great product at a great price.
  • Tests are done to ensure the products work properly
  • Good for the environment
  • These devices come along with some warranty
  • Most of the refurbished iPhone are Certified

What to consider before buying refurbished iPhones in Nairobi Kenya

  • Get the Right Phone For Your Carrier
  • Make Sure The Phone Isn’t Stolen
  • Confirm the Phone Isn’t Carrier Locked
  • Check for Other Hardware Damage
  • Assess Features & Price
  • Buy from a trusted shop like Patabay Kenya

Everyone in Kenya wants to buy an apple iPhone for class and status, but iPhones aren’t that cheap. They are expensive. It’s very rare for the iPhone to go on sale and very few trusted stores give it. If you want to get iPhone 6, 7 & 8 without paying full price, then buying a used or refurbished iPhone may be the best for you.

Refurbished iPhones usually come with a factory-new warranty. Patabay iPhone Warranty is 6 month and we also have flexpay lipia polepole with zero interest or cash on delivery method countrywide. We are based at Kimathi house 6-floor room 605 Nairobi. Countrywide we deliver via g4s.

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