Refurbished Samsung Phones

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KSh25,999 KSh15,999 Sold by: CityCall Kenya
KSh21,999 Sold by: CityCall Kenya
KSh29,999 Sold by: CityCall Kenya
KSh39,999 Sold by: CityCall Kenya

Refurbished Samsung phones Price in Kenya

Samsung s6 Ksh 15,999

Samsung s7 Ksh 19,999

Samsung s8 Ksh 25,000

Samsung A20s Ksh 17,000

Samsung M20 64 GB Ksh 18,500

Samsung A30s 64g Ksh 21,500

Samsung M30s 64 GB Ksh 21,500

Samsung A30s 128 GB Ksh 22,500

Samsung A50s Ksh 26,500

Samsung A51 6gb Ksh 29,000

Samsung A70 Ksh 35,800

Samsung A71 8gb Ksh 41,000

Samsung S10 128gb Ksh 66,000

Samsung NOTE10 Ksh 78,000

Samsung Note10 plus Ksh 89,500

Refurbished Samsung phones in Kenya

There are a lot of tech lovers, who always want to have the latest phone on the market, in fact as soon as it is released to the market. They normally part exchange their old phone for the new one, which most of us would consider new and not second hand, in order for them to purchase the latest model. These Samsung phones are almost new phones are then refurbished and resold.

Second hand Samsung phones in Kenya

Some other refurbished Samsung galaxy phones are actually just like new phones albeit opened only once or even never tried for use, which have been returned to the seller or dealers unused, because the owner changed their mind and want another one or got a new gift which is better from someone. And mind If you are lucky enough to find such a Samsung galaxy phone, it will be “Kuangukia” a true find one of its kind, as it has had, even more testing than a new one.

Advantages of used refurbished Samsung for sale in Kenya

  • You’re getting a great product at a great price.
  • Tests are done to ensure the products work properly
  • Good for the environment
  • These devices come along with some warranty
  • Most of the refurbished Samsung are Certified

What to consider before buying refurbished Samsung phones in Nairobi Kenya

  • Get the Right Phone For Your Carrier
  • Make Sure The Samsung Phone Isn’t Stolen
  • Confirm the Samsung Phone Isn’t Carrier Locked
  • Check for Other Hardware Damage
  • Assess Features & Price
  • Buy from a trusted Samsung dealer shop like Patabay Kenya

Everyone in Kenya wants to buy a Samsung phone for class and status, but latest Samsung phones aren’t that cheap. They are expensive. It’s very rare for the Samsung to go on sale and very few trusted stores give it. If you want to get Samsung A71, Note 10 or Samsung A51 without paying full price, then buying a used or refurbished Samsung phone may be the best for you.

Refurbished Samsung phones usually come with a factory new warranty. Patabay Samsung Warranty is 6 month and we also have flexpay lipia polepole with zero interest or cash on delivery method countrywide. We are based at Kimathi house 6 floor room 605 Nairobi. Countrywide we deliver via g4s.

Don’t worry people will never know you bought a refurbished phone?

Who will know it is refurbished? If you don’t tell people it is refurbished, no-one will have a clue. Once it has been through the service and testing process, you are effective, buying a new phone.

If you chose an appropriate reseller, like Patabay Phones, there aren’t really any disadvantages to buying a refurbished mobile.

Go ahead and make your order today on from the comfort of your home or office and have your shopping delivered at your doorstep within 3-24 hours. Now Delivering to All towns in Kenya and its Pay on delivery. Collection point is G4S Location or Post office near you depending on the Payment method you selected. All our products come with manufacturer warranty.
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