Ramtons Water Dispenser

Ramtons is a leading manufacturer of electronic home appliances. Ramtons products are affordable, innovative and durable. These products make your life simple and very enjoyable in the kitchen. The high tech of Ramton’s innovation is reflected in their product line. The water dispenser is one of these products that you cannot do without whether at home, restaurant or in the office.

From making a refreshing hot cup of coffee to glass of cold water, using this Ramtons water dispenser is efficient for you. Hot and cold taps are clearly labeled and there is a drainage cup to hold the excess water. This helps in avoiding water spillage that could result into minor accidents in the kitchen, for example sliding .The Ramtons water dispenser offers the best water heating and chilling function.

Types of Ramtoms water dispenser

Free standing water dispensers– these are ideal for home use. You can easily make your cup of coffee by just putting on the power button.

Table top water dispensers – this type is mostly used in the offices, restaurants and other commercial places.

 Advantages of hot and cold water dispensers

  • Stout body for enhanced durability
  • Provides easy access to purified water
  • Ramtons dispensers have an efficient and superior compressor for instant cooling/heating.

Ramtons Water Dispenser Prices in Kenya

Ramtons is one of the leading brands selling water dispensers in Kenya.Whether for home or commercial use; we have something that comfortably suits your needs! Getting a Ramtons water dispenser is one of the best decisions you will never regret having made. It gives a touch of comfort and value to your kitchen. In conjunction with other Ramtons home appliances, your life at home is easier, safer and more enjoyable. A water dispenser, for example enables you to have constant supply of safe water for consumption, whether hot or cold. At Patabay Kenya, we offer water dispensers alongside other home appliances to our clients at customized prices. We also offer top notch customer service to our clients and we deliver our products at your doorstep all over the country. We also guide our customers on the type of home appliance they should go for depending on their individual needs.


Ramtons Dispenser for sale in Kenya

Patabay Kenya offers the best market prices for all ranges of home appliances. Ramtons dispensers vary in pricing depending on the type. However, this should not worry you because our selling prices are very pocket friendly. We operate on a 24-hourly basis and deliver countrywide. On top of this, we offer a variety of payment options to make purchase more convenient for you. Visit our website to have a glimpse of our range of home appliances and make your order at the comfort of your home. We look forward to serving you!