Ramtons Cookers in Kenya

The Ramtons range of standing cookers are packed with features that will help you prepare a wide variety of dishes with ease allowing you to be a master-chef within the comfort of your home. All those elaborate dishes that you dreamt of making in your home – whole chicken roast, pizzas and decadent chocolate cake can now be made in these freestanding cookers with such ease. Ramtons standing electric cooker appliances and free standing gas cookers offer you the best of both worlds; instant heat from the gas hobs will give you complete control over everything you fry or boil.

So if you are remodeling, updating, or just replacing an outdated or non-functioning kitchen appliance – choose from the Ramtons collection to complete your home and treat yourself the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. Ramtons takes great pride in adhering to the highest standards of quality and its highly innovative approach towards technology and they do the same with their gas range cookers. Ramtons are one of the premier brands selling gas cookers online and electric oven appliances in Kenya.

They have the following outstanding features;

Auto Ignition
Auto ignition ensures that no wastage of fuel occurs as the burner lights up instantly. In manual ignition, it may take time for the lighter to click a spark or for the matchstick to catch fire, hence there is some wastage of gas. Auto ignition is therefore a safer method as compared to the manual method.

Easy Cleaning
Ramton cookers are much easier to keep clean. It is made with self-cleaning functions and wipe-down surfaces. If you want to spend as little time cleaning as possible to clean, then ramtons is the best cooker to go for.

Oven & Grill
The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a household. This environment is full of cooking appliance that help you to prepare all types of meals with ease. Use of the oven and grill therefore, food acquires a stronger‎, sweeter and healthier flavor‎.

Cooker Finishes

Metallic finishes such as stainless steel are readily available with ramton cookers, with light and dark shades or brushed effects. This gives a professional, sleek look and is extremely practical – especially if you go for a fingerprint-free version. This appearance make rammtons cookers the most preferred type of cooker in the market. We are available on patabay for best priced cookers and on addition, we offer delivery services to our clients.

Ramtons Cookers Best Price in Kenya

Being one of the most trusted brands in Kenya as far as home appliances are concerned, Ramtons is worth every penny one is willing to spend on it and offers best prices in Kenya as compared to other brands.  One can easily get the same at the comfort of their home from Patabay online shop.


Ramtons Cookers Supermarket Prices in Kenya

Patabay Kenya is an authorized dealer that sells their products online. If you want a Ramtons cooker, Patabay is the best trusted online shop that you can buy from. The one year warranty ensures that you can always get a replacement if it’s faulty.

Ramtons Cookers for Sale in Nairobi

Due to the good quality of the various appliances by Ramtons, the popularity of the brand in Kenya has been referred as the most preferred brand. Patabay encourages you to get yourself this Ramtons cooker that is pocket friendly.

Ramtons Cookers for Sale in Kenya

Ramtons cookers are available on Patabay online shop in Kenya. You can shop from the comfort of your home and the product will be delivered to you within 3-24 hours.


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