Mika Cookers in Kenya

Mika is one of the well-known companies in Kenya dealing with dealing with different home appliances in Kenya. They have a wide range of appliances that includes; refrigerators, cookers, electric kettles, iron boxes, deep freezers, standing cookers, blenders, water dispensers just to name a few.

For cookers, Mika has a wide variety of quality standing cookers one can choose from. Mika cookers in Kenya are all pocket friendly and suits ones intended use. Users are guaranteed to find high quality cookers that will serve them right for years.

While considering to purchase a Mika cooker, Patabay advises customers to consider;

Cooker Size – Mika standing cookers are available in three different sizes which are 50 cm in width by 55 cm in depth, 60 cm in width by 60 cm in depth and 90 cm in width by 60 cm in depth. This gives the user the best size that will serve them depending on their kitchen size.

Type of Fuel – Mika cookers in Kenya have two fuel options; there are those that run on gas only and those that run on both gas and electricity.

Type of Oven– Mika standing cookers are available in two options; the ones powered by electricity and those that run on gas. The electricity ovens are expensive to use as they consume a lot of power, but they offer better temperature control than the ovens that run on gas.

Mika Cookers Prices in Kenya

Mika cookers prices in Kenya are affordable and their products are durable. They also have different sizes and features to choose from that are pocket friendly giving the user the freedom of choice. One can easily place orders from Patabay online shop and wait for the items to be delivered at the comfort of their home where they do not have to worry about shipping. Patabay delivers items countrywide within a period of 24 hours.

Mika Cookers Best Supermarket Prices in Kenya

Patabay is an authorized dealer that sells their products online. If you want to upgrade or purchase your cooker, then get yourself a Mika cooker from Patabay which is the best trusted online shop that you can buy from. We give a genuine warranties and technical support just in case your cooker needs technical attention.

Mika Cookers for Sale in Nairobi

Mika is becoming a household name in Kenya as far as home appliances are concerned. The company is known for its quality products and their cooker is no exception. They are now available for sale in Nairobi from Patabay E-commerce.



Mika Cookers for Sale in Kenya

It can be challenging to choose the right home appliance for one’s kitchen as the market offers a wide range of items. The various features on different brands of cookers can be overwhelming to choose form especially while one is the first time buyer. But Patabay online shop in Kenya assures you that you can never go wrong with Mika cookers whose features are clear and easy to use.


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