Von Water Dispenser HWDV2210B Water Dispenser Compressor Cooling, With Cabinet in Kenya

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Von Water Dispenser HWDV2210B in Kenya Water Dispenser Compressor Cooling, With Cabinet

Von Water Dispenser HWDV2210B Prices in Kenya

Von HWDV2210B VADV2311K Water Dispenser Compressor Cooling With Cabinet Free Standing Black call 0711477775 or 0711114001

The Von Hotpoint Table Top Water Dispenser is must have household appliance.  With its hygienic hot & cold taps, you never have worry about germs. The drip tray means less spillage.

Nothing excites a person than a glass of cold water on a hot and tiring day! Be it for your vacation or home or office, restaurant, or any meeting place, you just cannot do without a good water dispenser. The Patabay range of water dispensers offers excellent strong water heating and cooling function. From freestanding water dispensers that are ideal for homes with higher water needs to tabletop water dispensers for offices, we have something that will suit your needs and everyone needs. Built to last, these hot and cold water dispenser appliances have a sturdy body that increases the durability of the dispensers.

You can now shop online at your trusted online shop Patabay for All your Quality Assured Trusted Brands.for different types of water dispenser brands i.e. Ramtons, Mika, Hotpoint, Bruhm, Armco, and Nunix. One that provides many functions for example cooling or heating, filtering water before dispensing water, and finally, a dispenser that’s good for filtering and cooling water. Both the cooler and dispenser provide room for standard portable water bottles of up to 10 liters. A water cooler also provides dispensing capability, in addition to allowing the water to cool

Von Water Dispenser HWDV2210B Product Features:

Hot & Cold Compressor Cooling W/O Cabinet
Dark Grey Taps
Shiny Black colour


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