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Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker HR2811GW in Kenya Rice Cooker 2.8L

Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker HR2811GW Prices in Kenya

Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker HR2811GW in Kenya Rice Cooker 2.8L 

Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker HR2811GW Features

  • 2.8 Litres
  • 1000 Watts
  • Non-Aluminum steamer
  • Nonstick aluminum pot
  • Keep warm function
  • Thermostat for overheating protection
  • Serving spoon & measuring cup
  • Colour; White
  • 12 months warranty

With this appliance, making rice will be hassle-free. Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker will simplify rice preparation. No matter the rice you are cooking, the rice cooker will cook it perfectly.

Advantages of Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker

  • Automatic cooking-with this rice cooker, manual interventions will be unnecessary. All you need to do is measure the right amount of rice you want to cook, add water, and press the button.  Once the cycle is complete the rice cooker shuts automatically. The rice is neither overcooked nor under-cooked.
  • Uniform cooking- unlike in traditional cookware where rice might be overcooked at the bottom, it does not happen with this rice cooker. With Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker you get uniformly cooked rice.
  • Makes rice non-sticky- Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker will solve the sticking problem. Each grain is separated from the others. Invest in the cooker and have perfectly cooked rice at home.

Keeps the rice warm

Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker has a keep-warm function which is a great benefit. The feature makes the rice cooker more convenient than the traditional cookware. Another important feature is that the rice cooker is good for any type of rice. You will be able to cook all grains perfectly. The Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker will definitely make things easier and hassle-free in the kitchen.

How to use the rice cooker

  1. Measure the rice with the cup that comes with the rice cooker.
  2. Add cold water with the correct water to rice ratio. Check the labels on the grains for correct water levels
  3. Ensure all grains are pushed into the water and add flavoring to the rice like salt.
  4. Turn the cooker on by pushing the right button.
  5. Once the cycle is complete, the rice cooker shuts off automatically. It will keep the rice warm until you are ready to serve.
  6. Serve using the spoon once ready.

Warranty: 1.0 year

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2 reviews for Von Hotpoint Rice Cooker HR2811GW Rice Cooker 2.8L in Kenya

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    High quality product

  2. Kamau15

    Excellent quality product

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